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ISTA 1 - SSSex

Are you ready to transform your life? 

This experiential 7- day training is for you. Thousands of people on 5 continents have attended the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) training over the past 10 years and have been radically changed for the better by uncovering reactive patterns and transforming them into conscious ways of being.
This powerful training is being held for the second time in Italy. You are invited to unfold your potential with international facilitators.

How do you know it is transformational & universal?

Thousands of people have gone through this training worldwide, the individuals cover a wide age range from 18 to 80, varied backgrounds, all sexual orientations, those who are gender fluid or trans, differing professions from students, artists, surgeons, people from many different religions, races and nationalities. As this weeklong is a journey through life's core experiences and wounds, it is universal. It touches and can affect individuals of any age, background, race etc, if you choose to allow and if you are open to receive the wisdom and gifts.

What is the training about?

This retreat focuses on clearing the physical and emotional body of shame, guilt and fear related to sexuality and authenticity. The deeper transformation comes from reconnecting to your personal power, exploring sexuality is a fast path to encountering our own power challenges and gifts.

This is done through multiple pathways using the best of the ancient temple arts including Tantra, Taoist and Shamanic traditions and adding to this more modern day NLP, bioenergetics, guided visualization, emotional release, Kundalini activation, energy tracking, conscious touch and consent skills. The list above are just a few of the practices we use to dive deep into the inner realms. The inner masculine and inner feminine archetypes are explored because when they are fully integrated a door opens to a deeper knowing of the Self as whole and complete.

A note on Masculine & Feminine

Please don’t perceive that our use of the terms masculine and feminine is an indicator that ISTA operates from place of duality and gender separation. We do not, far from it we realise that we are all masculine and feminine regardless of our physical form. We use this terminology as it is an effective model for understanding the different energies or qualities that each if us is made up of. They do not translate to men and women or male and female.

Unique to ISTA

Three skilled Temple Arts Faculty all international teachers in their own right will share, inspire, guide and support you to bring light to the shadows where our power awaits to be reclaimed. You will receive information, guidance and lots of experiential practice around self love, boundaries and consent, emotional release, voice dialogue, neurological reprogramming, Orgasmic Yoga, learning to work with shamanic energy, owning one’s desires and the ability to manifest, accessing and speaking from your contra-sexual self (i.e gender opposite), conscious communication, Transformational Shamanic Breathwork, ancient temple arts rituals of healing/initiation and a powerful sexual clearing and activation processes. The ISTA facilitators are looking forward to meeting you in Love, Power, and Freedom.

Supportive Group Process

This event unfolds within a powerful group process based on safety, trust, unconditional love, intimacy and acceptance of what is arising. By the end of this event, you will feel more in touch with your body, more aliveness and presence, more aware of your patterns and have some skills as to how to change them, more awareness of your emotions and how to hold them, lighter and perhaps more relaxed. You will be more in touch with effortless flow of life, no matter what it looks like.

ISTA 2 - SSSin

Le niveau 2 vous guide à travers une série d'auto-initiations pour dire adieu aux anciens schémas de relation et ancrer l'identité dans le moi profond qui est naturellement libre, intrinsèquement aimant et créatif dans le monde.

Le stage apporte les enseignements et les expériences que nous n'avons pas reçus autour de notre spiritualité, notre rapport au transpersonnel et son intégration avec le personnel et avec l'Universel.

Le niveau 2 approfondit l'expérience du niveau 1, permettant plus de pratique concrètes avec les outils et techniques enseignées. Il fournit un espace alchimique pour la transformation par la pratique de groupe, les rituels et la méditation.

L'initiation chamanique : Son coeur est la mort et la renaissance. Le mot d’ordre est POUVOIR.

L'initiation sexuelle - Les rituels de plaisir personnel et de point sacré du niveau 1 éveillent une relation plus profonde avec nos énergies sexuelles.

Au niveau 2, nous explorons l'unification de nos masculins et féminins, la pénétration consciente et l'union sacrée.
Le mot d’ordre est AMOUR.


L'initiation spirituelle - La formation à la méditation et la recherche essentielle de l'identité nous ouvrent à notre conscience primordiale et donnent un avant-goût de « sunyata » ou de l'expérience du vide.

Les temples d'invocation combinés à une quête de vision personnelle offrent à chaque individu l'opportunité de contacter, d'honorer et d'intégrer des niveaux plus profonds de son être. C'est une composante essentielle de l'intégration des mondes sexuels et spirituels car elle aboutit à la transcendance de l'ego et au dévouement de ses pouvoirs éveillés au collectif.

Is it for me?


The experiences of the core wounds of life are universal. They affect individuals of all ages, cultures, backgrounds and races. Thousands of people across 5 continents have attended ISTA training and have been radically transformed by discovering reactive patterns, injuries and turning them into conscious lifestyles.

All ages are welcome, from 18 to 100+ years old, couples and individuals, all walks of life and professions, sexual orientations and ways, gender identities, religions, races and nationalities.


Some people take this training for their own personal development, to develop a deeper self-connection, to enrich their relationships and strengthen their lives. Others are interested in seeing how it will add something to their own professional life. Some are interested in the fields of sacred sexuality practitioner or sex educator. The more the experiences are varied, the more the training is rich.

This experience is an individual process that occurs in a group environment, a level of self-responsibility is required to navigate the spiritual and sexual shamanic universe.


ISTA is a school of mysteries and deals with trauma in the shamanic perspective of the connection with the body and mind. We recommend, if there is a known deep trauma, that people seek individual sessions and get their therapist's consent before participating in the group process.

No prior knowledge of shamanism or sacred sexuality is needed to attend. Those with previous experience are warmly welcomed as they add to the power of the field.

intimacy & Nudity


Nudity and intimate contact are optional elements of this courese. The cornerstone of this work is consent, establishing clear boundaries and communication. You are always free to choose and the teachers will help you navigate what is authentic for you.

If it's your truth, it's possible to complete the whole training without touching another person or undressing yourself.

Are you ready to jump?

There are so many things we would like to do, live or achieve ...... and we are not making the leap.

Looking to the unknown, looking for answers in our head, but the mind has no real answers. And so we are afraid. We can take risks, but most often we stay in our comfort zone ... because we are too scared to feel the pain of possibilities.

What if you could jump knowing in your being, your heart and your mind that it's time to change?

In this formation, you will come to a point where you will be able to choose, completely, resolutely and unreservedly, to throw yourself into the void ..... and transform your life.

What are your limits? Are you ready to jump? What's holding you back?

To find out, come and offer this transformation. This will take you to your limits, widen the field of vision and change your life forever.

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